A Grave Interest


A Grave Interest:

Searching for Clues in the Cemetery

A trip to the cemetery can hold a wealth of information about our ancestors. Learn how to prepare and what to look for when you arrive.

White Bronze Monuments


Odd looking, yet beautiful, these markers are called White Bronze. Learn their history, why they were so popular, why they are no longer made, and what secrets they may still maintain.

Rustic Monuments:

A Guide to Funerary Art

The naturalistic Folk Art monuments we see scattered throughout cemeteries today offer us clues about bygone days through iconology and acronyms.

Silent Language of the Stones: Reading Grave Stone Symbols

Numerous symbols and images can be found on grave markers. Discover what they mean and what they can tell us about our ancestor's lives and times.

Tree Stone Stories:

Carvings From the Heart

Tree stones are often appreciated but seldom truly understood. We'll delve into their history and look at the groups, which embraced them while discovering how to understand the stories they have to tell.

The Art of the Cemetery: Carvings and Stained Glass

Explore these unappreciated works of art as we take a look at Tiffany windows, intricate sculptures and stunning architectural designs - all awaiting discovery in the cemetery.

Psychopomps Guiding Souls to the Afterlife

Psychopomps have one mission, to escort the deceased into the next chapter of the unknown. Discover how we have relied upon them, and portrayed them, over the ages, in the cemetery.

A Grave Interest

is a blog is about cemetery culture, art, history, issues of death, and genealogy - subjects of current relevance. As a Tombstone Tourist, I usually find something in the cemetery that intrigues me and makes me want to dig deeper.

I speak on cemetery topics around the country for libraries, genealogical organizations, historical societies, and educational groups. A listing of some of my presentation titles can be found below.

To reserve a date, or for more information, contact me at Joy@JoyNeighbors.com

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Speaking Topics

Preparing For Your Digital Death

Over 300 people die every hour in the U.S. Have you ever wondered what happens to your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts after you die? Learn how to have the final say concerning your digital assets.

Secret Societies:

And Gravestone Symbols

There are hundreds of secret society images and acronyms in the cemetery. Find out about these covert group, their secrets, and their signs.