I've been a writer for thirty years. My background is in media with an emphasis on journalism and copywriting. I have written scripts. news releases, commercials, promotional materials, product features, and articles for company magazines and e-zines.

Magazine Articles

My assignments have included researching and writing articles, features, concise travel descriptions, interviewing celebrities, writing reviews for restaurants, wines, and books, along with crafting six regular magazine columns that deal with wine, travel, and genealogy.

My main topics include wine, food, travel, rural living, history, genealogy, cemeteries and Boomer end-of-life issues. But given time for research, I can write coherently about anything. I’m also a great rush writer, thanks to years of hitting live television deadlines.

If you’re an editor looking for someone who can follow your lede, write to appeal to your readers, and meet your deadline, contact me. I’m always looking for another great article or column to write.

Freelance Writer