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Travels of a Tombstone Tourist

I am a "Tombstone Tourist," one of those people who loves to wander cemeteries. I find it akin to visiting an art museum; an opportunity to enjoy rarely appreciated sculpture and stained glass, intricate carvings and amazing architecture in a tranquil outdoor setting.

I began my cemetery blog,  A Grave Interest  more than a decade ago. In it I discuss all things "cemetery"; how to search for records, how to read tombstones, and what graveyards can tell us about our ancestors and their lives.

And there's the additional benefit of getting to enjoy all the forgotten art and nature that a cemetery has to offer.  I usually find something intriguing in the cemetery, something that makes me want to dig deeper - to explore and share fascinating histories of the past. That's where so many of my presentations and stories come from - lives that have been forgotten.

In 2017, F&W Media publishedThe Family Tree Cemetery Research Field Guide. It was an adventure to write, and exciting when Penguin Random House picked it up in 2019. To learn more about the book, click on the Books tab.

I speak around the country (in person or via Zoom) on cemetery research, how to read gravestones, and what to consider when writing your family's stories. If you'd like to learn more, visit the Speaking Presentations tab.

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